• SolidWorks - The SolidWorks website contains a lot of information for the SolidWorks community of users. This site contains service packs, model libraries, and API support. Some of the features on this site require the user to log into subscription services.
  • SolidWorks Express - A Newsletter for the SolidWorks Community, published by SolidWorks.
  • CATI Tech Edge Archives - Computer Aided Technology, Inc. is a SolidWorks VAR in the Milwaukee, WI area.
  • Graphics Systems Tech Tips - Graphics Systems has put together a library of technical tips to provide information and help in installing and using SolidWorks. Graphics Systems is a SolidWorks VAR in the Milwaukee, WI area. From the home page, under "SUPPORT" click on "TECH TIPS".
  • Lenny's SolidWorks Resources - This site contains some unique and free SolidWorks macros. Lenny is a co-president with the SMART (SolidWorks Milwaukee Area Resource Team) user group and also maintains this page of links.
  • SolidWorks Modeling Techniques - A web site created by MIKE J. WILSON that showcases some unique, unusual and fascinating SolidWorks modeling tips.
  • SolidWorks Tips & Things - This site has many tips submitted by SolidWorks users. This site includes tips for modeling, drawing, file management and programming. This site also includes a download section.
  • TriAxial Design & Analysis - SW Tips/Tricks are independently published by TriAxial Design and Analysis for SolidWorks users worldwide. These tips were distributed in the form of a newsletter.
  • Solid Solutions Magazine - Home page of Solid Solutions Magazine.
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  • CAD Digest - SolidWorks Tips & Tutorials
  • Matt Lombard's SolidWorks Resources - Includes 'Rules of Thumb', model library and a macro library.
  • Lorono's SolidWorks Resources - Tips & Tricks and many macros.
  • SolidWorks Webring - A webring of sites with information on SolidWorks.
  • Cad User's Webring - CAD User's ring is a webring dedicated to people who use CAD and want tools to make there life more efficient.
  • Mechanical Engineering Web Ring - Web Ring for Mechanical Engineers.




  • NEW HAMPSHIRE CAD by Joseph Jones - API tutorials and free downloads of SolidWorks Utilities.
  • Bitwright Software - Tools for programming the SolidWorks API with Visual Basic
  • SolidWorks Tools by Stefan Berlitz - Here you will find programs and tools which hopefully enhance your daily experience with SolidWorks
  • KCS Development - Visual Basic Apps for SolidWorks




  • SolidWorks Job Network - Job listings involving SolidWorks CAD skills. This service is not affiliated with or sanctioned by the SolidWorks Corporation