About Me

Why this site was created.

  • Since 1998, I have received a lot of information and help from the SolidWorks community. This information has come from a number of sources such as local VAR's, SMART (SolidWorks Milwaukee Area Resource Team) a user run SolidWorks based user group in the Milwaukee area, and various SolidWorks representatives. I have also learned many things from SolidWorks NewsGroups and the SolidWorks Forum. With these resources and knowledge, I have dived deeper into SolidWorks than I ever expected. This has greatly helped me in becoming a power user and CAD administrator where I work. This website is my way of giving something back to the SolidWorks community. I hope you learn something here.

What is in the future for this site.

  • There are no concrete plans for this web site, but I do intend on adding more content from macros, models, articles, etc... Since I am the only one working on this site, in my own personal time, there are no guarantees to what you will see here in the future.

About me: SolidWorks related.

  • I am currently a board member of SMART (SolidWorks Milwaukee Area Resource Team), A SolidWorks User Group, where I help plan and help run the quarterly user group meetings held in the Milwaukee, WI area.
  • I have been volunteering for the SMART user group since it first started in 1999.
  • When I have time, I attend some of the monthly night schools at local (Milwaukee, WI) SolidWorks resellers.
  • See My Words of Wisdom for reasons why I do this.

About me: Work.

  • I have been in the mechanical drafting & design field since 1981, in the greater Milwaukee, WI area.
  • The first 10 years I have worked on the drafting table designing tooling jigs and fixtures for an automotive manufacturer, automatic wire forming machinery, castings, portable milling equipment, and semi-automated food wrapping equipment.
  • Beginning in 1991, I moved over to the CAD arena, beginning with AutoCAD. I was an AutoCAD instructor for a short time. I have also worked as a drafter at a local oven manufacturer.
  • Since 1992, I have been working as a Product Designer, CAD Administrator, and PDM Administrator, for an equipment manufacturer in Milwaukee, WI.
  • I have been using SolidWorks since 1998.

About me: Personal.

  • I have doodled with programming in a few different languages such as Machine Language, Commodore BASIC, CAN DO on the Amiga computer, MS DOS batch programs, AutoLISP macros for AutoCAD, and the SolidWorks Application Programming Interface with Visual Basic for Applications.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Regardless of how much you know about a subject, continued education on that subject is always beneficial to either 1) Learn new things about the subject, 2) Comfirm what you already know, or 3) Remember what you forgot.