Welcome to my website for SolidWorks and SolidWorks users.

In case you haven't noticed, I currently have a SolidWorks related blog, which keeps me busy trrying to come up with some new articles.  Here is a run down on what you can find on my blog:

Macro Tutorials

  • Writing macros - I written a few articles on writing macros and some of the thoughts involved with learning and writing macros.
  • FramedBox - A tutorial where I discuss some of the thinking behind going from a recorded macro to a custom macro with a form that allows the user to revise the box.
  • FramedBox Revisited - This is a continuation of enhancements to the initial FramedBox macro.
  • Mate Toggles and Visibility Toggles - These are 2 very similar "Quick and Dirty" macros and the articles explain the simple steps of creating these macros.

User Conferences including SolidWorks World, SMART User Group, MidWest Regional User Group Converence and others that I attend.

Please take some time and check them out.  I am interested in hearing what you have to say.

I have updated many of my macros to included an "About" form and references to my new website. 

I have also included a "Quick and Dirty" macros page for simple macros that do not have any type of interface.   Just run the macro and let it do it's work.  There are some new "Mate Toggle" macros that are in this section.

You will also find a "Sample Macros" page has been added.  This page has been put together to list some of the sample code I have created, and maybe discussed in my blog.

In case you haven't noticed.  I added a "User Submitted Macros" page. This is where you can distribute macros that you have created.  Just email them to me with a description and a little history, and I will but them up on this page with the submitter's and author's names.  Please only send your own original work.  If you would like to see someone elses macro here, have them send me the macro.  All user submitted macros must follow the "Rules For Submittals" found on that page.

I have a SolidWorks related BLOG that has been online since January 2007! 

There is no structure to what I will be writing about, or when new content will be added.  It all depends on my thoughts, discoveries, and when I have the time to write each new post.

If you are looking for a view on industry news pertaining to SolidWorks, please check out the links on the right for more SolidWorks related blogs. 

Thanks to the folks at SolidWorks Corporationfor helping me get my blog set up.

For more information on me and this website, please see my "About Me" page.